**PLEASE NOTE ** The colors in my quilt blocks are simply SUGGESTIONS! You can pull the .pat file into your DAK program and depending on the color capabilityof your knitting machine (3-color, 4-color or more), choose your own colors.            

Quilting With Design-A-Knit Vol. #1

Available in DAK (requires the Design-A-Knit software) or as GRAPHS (no written instructions) These Quilt Blocks all measure 190 stitches wide by 254 rows. On a scale of 8 stitches by 11 rows to the inch, each of these blocks will measure approximately 23 inches square. All of the MACHINE KNIT .pat files for DAK are in full color. The classic patterns in this volume are:

~ 5440 Or Fight (3 styles)
~ Album Styles 1 & 2
~ Amish Star
~ Broken Dishes
~ Card Trick
~ Cat's Cradle
~ Cats & Mice
~ Color Wheel
~ Crosses & Chains
~ Flying Dutchman
~ Gentleman's Fancy
~ Ohio Star

This is a digital download. You will be sent the URL to download the zipped files upon receipt of cleared payment. Usually with 24-36 hours.


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