How Does Your Garden Grow?

Available in DAK or as GRAPHS for those who wish to manually input the designs into their electronic machines, or even knit them by hand. Here are SEVEN DETAILED, lovely flowers ready to brighten up your home! All of these floral patterns come available in DAK (created in DAK6), DoubleBed Jacquard and also as graphs. Each of these flowers have 1 empty stitch on all sides so you can easily lasso and put them where you want on your knits. We have:

~ Dogwood (92st x 158rs)
~ Camelia (90st x 94rs)
~ Freesia (91st x 112rs)
~ Crocus (45st x 100rs)
~ Tulip (92st x 82rs)
~ Carnation (55st x 80rs)
~ Crysanthemum (54st x 66rs)

The WORD & PDF files have the graphs. The others are in .pat files for use with the Design-A-Knit software. There are no written instrucions. Each one has been checked against Double Jacquard. Those will be designated with a 'dj' in the pattern name.

This is a digital download. You will be sent the URL to download the zipped files upon receipt of cleared payment. Usually with 24-36 hours.


Price $4.00


If you encounter any problems, please EMAIL me for assistance