Fleur de Lis   This lovely Fleur de Lis is PERFECT for SCA, RenFaire & Medieval embellishment. Choice of Cross Stitch Graph or .pat file,

We have the Cross Stitch pattern for this design created in Hobbyware's Cross Stitch Pattern Maker program in their .pat file. For Cross Stitch, it measures 100 stitches wide by 104 stitches high including minimal white space surrounding the Fleur de Lis. A free trial of the HobbyWare program is available at: HobbyWare

Please Note:

**Cross Stitch HobbyWare Patterns (.pat files) require HobbyWare's Pattern Maker software.
**Cross Stitch Graphs - these are the graphs only, no written instructions.

Crochet is possible if you are experienced to convert cross stitches into crochet gauge such as using a half-double crochet per stitch. Electronic Files via Download.

Please feel free to use the patterns for constructing craft items for sale at craft shows. No mass production, though. Please note my copyright below and contact me for any clarification.

All of these patterns / designs / techniques are copyrighted to MKDesigner. I wrote / designed them, I own them. Simple.

Price $2.00


If you encounter any problems, please EMAIL me for assistance