3 Shamrocks & A Lucky 4-Leaf Clover
DAK6 & Hand Knit Graphs FREE Patterns

We've got 3 small SHAMROCKS for you and a 4 Leaf Clover! The patterns are available
in either the DAK .pat files or GRAPHS for hand knitters or manual input into your KM.
Top 2 Shamrocks = 30 st by 42 rs. Shamrock 2 = 28 st by 38 rs. 4 leaf clover = 32 st by 42 rs.

This pattern set, although free to download, is under copyright and may not be distributed by anyone in any format other than by the copyright owner. © 2005 by Margaret Parker for MKDesigner. All rights reserved, both foreign and domestic. Please inquire FIRST if you wish to link to this pattern from your website or in a newsletter.

**DAK Patterns (.pat files) require the Design-A-Knit software.   **Hand Knit - these are the graphs only. No written instructions.

Please click on the links below to download your ZIPPED files of the DAK pat files and/or the Graphs in PDF.