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I'm an avid machine knitter and designer. Currently, I have 4 knitting machines:

  • 1. Brother KH 890 with the Brother KR 850 ribber. This is my work horse machine, which uses 24 stitch punch cards. I probably have a couple hundred punch cards by now. It has lace capability and a seperate plating feeder which goes into the carriage.
  • 2. Brother KX 390 Convertible (4.5mm & 9mm) which is a plastic bed machine. I also have the Convertible KH 400 carriage (no machine, just the carriage) which gives me Intarsia, Part and Plain. The 400 carriage also has a second yarn 'slot' for plating. Great feature!! With manual weaving, I can create a triple thickness of very sturdy fabric.
  • 3. KnitKing Compuknit III, electronic knitting machine. The Brother KR 850 will fit this machine as well. Need to think about getting a second ribber sometime in the future. I also have the KnitKing KG93 Garter Carriage. I do have DAK (Design-A-Knit) and have really enjoyed using the interactive knitting feature. I also have several other knitting programs such as DAP (Design-A-Pattern, by Ileen Levy , fabulous lady. If you ever get to see one of her demos or attend her workshops, you are really in for a treat!!
  • 4. Singer HK 100 9.mm (some seem to think it's 8mm, I dunno). It is a plastic bed machine and the yarn is fed up from the floor in front. I do have the ball holder from an old KnitKing AM3 and thinking I should be able to attach that to the carriage where the little spring mast usually goes. Working on that. I've made probably a dozen or more afghans (usually manual tuck or knitweave) on that great old machine and used it for just creating fabric as well.

I also have a couple of really old machines that I'm going to be parting out. The Passap 201 and the Brother Profile 551. I'd picked them up over the years to have spare parts for machines I was refurbishing and donating.

Besides machine knitting, I love to crochet, do some tatting and working with the round plastic looms. Mine's the 5 loom set. Hand knitting is quite hard on my hands anymore, so I only do it in short spurts or to add trims to a machine knit piece. My next adventure will be working with a Teneriffe Lace Loom which I inherited. It's metal and it fold up!! I want to see if I can use yarns such as the Nomis 3/15 or 3/12 or even some 2/24 to make lace inserts for my knitting.


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