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I have a "new-to-me" technique I'm trying out. Dual carriages knitting. My Brother 390, which I use in 9mm mode, has two carriages. The 390 that came with the machine and also the 400 carriage which I have used since I got the machine. It has Intarsia and plating, my two fav things.

Alas, the 390 carriage wasn't functioning for many years. I don't even rember if I ever used the 390 carriage, since the 400 came at the same time. The Carriage Release lever didn't have any 'spring' to it, so it wouldn't get onto the bed. And there was also one lever on the left side that didn't 'click' into place.

they say 'where there's a will, there's a way'. And if there's a Wade Parker around (my son) there's a fix in the future. So he took both apart and found both problems ... and he fix 'em. That's my boy!!!

Thoroughly enjoying myself. Stripes are super easy and quick to do with two carriages. This took literally a very few minutes.

I have a huge amount of odd and end yarns on partial cones and in balls. Another nice thing about the 390 ... it has 4.5mm as well as the 9mm. I see lots of scarves in the future.

Hmmmm ... wonder if my Brother 890 (punchcard) carriage would work on my KnitKing Compu-Knit III ?? Sans punchcards or electronics, of course. <<GRIN>>


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